June 14, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Fred J. Mifflin


Mr. Fred J. Mifflin (Bonavista-Trinity -Conception):

Madam Speaker, I rise to congratulate the newly elected Conservative leader who will be sworn in as Prime Minister in a few days.
The party leadership convention is over but a far harder test faces the new leader: the challenge of running the country. The new Tory leader is on record as being 100 per cent committed to continue the policies of the Minister for International Trade, including the GST, the FTA, the NAFTA and 38 tax increases.
She sat and agreed in cabinet while the government played demolition derby with Atlantic Canada. It closed down the fishery, closed down the transportation system, closed down post offices and drastically reduced provincial transfer payments to cause reductions in health services and increases in tuition fees.
The biggest questions now are: How will the Conservatives recast themselves after nine disastrous years in office and how will Canada be positioned for economic growth and job creation?
June 14, 1993

There is plenty of scope for quick action by a new Prime Minister, but since there is no mandate the clear priority is first and foremost to call a federal election and allow Canadians to pass judgment.
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