June 14, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


David Charles Dingwall


Mr. David Dingwall (Cape Breton -East Richmond):

As I was saying, the disdain that my colleagues from the New Democratic Party have for those who reside in Atlantic Canada is best shown not by remarks that I may make but by those made by members from their own particular party. In fact, they made the unbelievable statement in this Chamber not long ago that no one has given an assessment of the fixed link. That was the intellectual snobbery of the New Democratic Party as evidenced in this House.
I know the member for Skeena is going off to another job and another vocation and I wish him well but for God's sake he should not misrepresent the decisions that people in Atlantic Canada have made with regard to their future, whether they are in economic or environmental terms. I want you to know, Mr. Speaker, that consultations took place in November and December 1987. I am going to table this. In January 1988, 12 public debates were held on Prince Edward Island by the province. In January 1988 the Prince Edward Island government held a plebiscite. If there is not an assessment done what better example can I give to my hon. friend from the New Democratic Party than that the people of Prince Edward Island have decided in a plebiscite that they want the fixed link? What intellectual snobbery from the hon. member for Skeena to suggest otherwise. [DOT]
As we can see, this particular subject matter is of passing interest to those of us who come from the great province of Nova Scotia. However, to stand in this House and to allow the perception to go on that nothing has been done to look at the environmental assessment of this particular project is not only false but it is a distortion of the facts and it is unbecoming of the hon. member who sits to my left.

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