June 14, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


George Baker


Mr. Baker:

No, they can't even swim. To complicate matters, 1,000 tonnes of herring were caught. Herring swims on top of the ocean.
So we have foreign vessels trying to catch fish in the middle of the ocean catching crabs on the bottom of the ocean and catching herring on top of the ocean. They must be using a vacuum cleaner. That is what they arc using, two-inch mesh size, raking the bottom of the ocean floor for as far as they can go and the Canadian government allows them to go everywhere: on the nose and tail, inside, around.

June 14, 1993
Private Members' Business
Meanwhile Canadians are sitting back, getting their packages. Canadian fishermen are not allowed to put a net in the water. Our small boat fishermen and our fish plant workers at home doing nothing have to be paid by the taxpayers of Canada. Why? Because we bend over backward to eveiy other nation in this world. External affairs runs the whole show. Where are they going to have cocktails tomorrow? That is what governs our policy when it comes to the fishery. It is a disgraceful situation.
I think all members of this House, regardless of political affiliation, should vote in favour of this motion by Rear Admiral Mifflin who is now the MP for Bonavis-ta-Trinity-Conception. They should vote for the motion and send a signal to external affairs that we are fed up and we are not going to put up with this any more.
Mr. Francis G. LeBlanc (Cape Breton Highlands-
Canso): Mr. Speaker, could I have an indication of how many minutes I have, please?

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