June 10, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Steve Eugene Paproski (Deputy Chair of Committees of the Whole)

Progressive Conservative

The Acting Speaker (Mr. Paproski):

There are two motions in amendment standing in the name of the hon. member for Edmonton East on the Notice Paper for the report stage of Bill C-106, an act to amend certain petroleum-related acts in respect of Canadian ownership requirements and to confirm the validity of a certain regulation.
Both motions go beyond the scope of the bill. They are introducing new concepts not contemplated in the bill as approved in principle at second reading. Therefore according to citation 698(1) of Beauchesne's sixth edition, these motions are out of order and will not be selected by the Chair.
There being no further amendments, I shall now propose to the House the motion for the concurrence of the bill at report stage.
Government Orders MEASURE TO AMEND

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