June 8, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Ralph Ferguson


Hon. Ralph Ferguson (Lambton-Middlesex):

Madam Speaker, I rise today under Standing Order 36 to present petitions signed by people from southwestern Ontario, from Dutton, West Lome, Fingal, Rodney, Springfield, Samia, Chatham and my own constituency and the village of Wardsville.
The petition calls on the government to the ban a board game being introduced into Canada called serial killer board game, number one edition, and the importation of serial killer cards.
Parents and grandparents strongly object to this game being allowed into Canada. The board game comes complete with a body bag, 25 babies and four serial killer figures. The object of the game is to commit murder and the person with the highest body count is the winner.
This ghoulish game is not in the best interests of children or Canadians of any age. The cards glamorize individuals who have wounded, raped and killed many people.
These petitioners humbly pray and call upon this House and Parliament to urge the Government of Canada to ban the sale of the serial killer board game and serial killer cards and any other such games, cards or materials made available in Canada in order to protect innocent children and Canadian citizens from violence.

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