June 7, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Joseph Jacques Jean Chrétien (Leader of the Official Opposition)


Hon. Jean Chretien (Leader of the Opposition):

Madam Speaker, I have a question for the Acting Prime Minister.
Today Transport Canada reported that 40 per cent of Canadian highways need work. If cabinet members were not always flying in aeroplanes looking down at the roads instead of travelling by bus throughout Canada as I have been doing for the last two and a half months, they would realize that Transport Canada is right.
At this moment the municipalities and the provincial governments are asking the federal government to participate in an infrastructure program because it is the best time for it. There is a lot of manpower available and contracts can be obtained quite cheaply in relation to other times.
Will this government consider the reality and decide to invest in the infrastructure of the nation at this time?

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