June 7, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Robert Alfred Corbett

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Bob Corbett (Fundy-Royal):

Madam Speaker, health care should be a grave concern to us all yet the New Brunswick McKenna Liberal government has turned its back on Saint John in a crass political move by yanking 103 beds out of the Saint John Regional Hospital hard on the heels of the destruction of St. Joseph's Hospital. Two hundred and fifty jobs will be lost in the process.
The premier then stood shoulder to shoulder with the Liberal candidate in Fundy-Royal proclaiming their good deeds, urging people to vote for a Chretien-led Liberal government so that they can work together for the people of New Brunswick.
The people of Fundy-Royal and Saint John are experiencing firsthand what Liberal governments do, not for them but to them. St. Joseph's Hospital stands as a pitiful testimony to what Liberal governments are all about.

Subtopic:   HEALTH CARE
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