June 7, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Ron J. Duhamel


Mr. Ronald J. Duhamel (St. Boniface):

Madam Speaker, congratulations to Mr. Paul Edwards, the newly elected leader of the Liberal Party of Manitoba.
The son of a minister, raised in small prairie towns for most of his life, Mr. Edwards was elected by universal suffrage of party members by which five times more people were involved than would have been the case if we had used the traditional method.
Mr. Edwards and his team will now set about identifying the issues of most critical concern to Manitobans and offer creative solutions.
June 7, 1993

Paul Edwards shows much promise and he will get a chance to show Manitobans his leadership ability in the next provincial election expected within a year or a year and a half.
Bravo as well to Kevin Lamoureux for having fought such an excellent campaign. He did a superb piece of work.

All Manitobans are winners in this leadership race.

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