June 7, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Marlene Catterall


Mrs. Marlene Catterall (Ottawa West):

Madam Speaker, the chair of the poverty committee has received an invitation to do lunch with an advocate for the disabled and disadvantaged who live in my constituency of Ottawa West.
Ms. Karen Tracey suggests that the member for Don Valley North has a lot to learn about poverty and the need for food banks and that her ignorance might best be corrected by a period of community service at a food bank as a suitable penalty for sending her staff to rip off food intended for the poor.

As an unfunded, unpaid advocate living on disability benefits Ms. Tracey may not be able to entertain the member from Don Valley in the member's usual style. However if she is truly interested in enlightening her views on poverty she will accept the invitation to join Ms. Tracey for her lunch at her usual place, her neighbourhood soup kitchen.
I urge the member to accept this most gracious offer and open her eyes before she opens her mouth again.

Subtopic:   POVERTY
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