June 7, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


John R. (Jack) Whittaker

New Democratic Party

Mr. Whittaker:

Mr. Speaker, it always gives me a chuckle when I hear Liberals get up and expound on how they care about the economy and point out the failings of other people. We can certainly look to that party and see its failings every time it has been in government, from the massive inflation rates in the early 1980s to the major difficulties that Canadians had as a result of its policies. To listen to that member get up and expound on it and think that he has got the corner on concern for Canadians is really quite laughable.
We agree with this bill. There has to be some more efficiencies and effectiveness within those industries and it must be encouraged. However, one of the difficulties that we in this party have is the attitude of government that you have to amputate in order to move forward. We say that there is a much better way to deal with things, not the Liberal way and not the Conservative way, but the way of the people of Canada to ensure that the jobs are created. I was very pleased to find out from the minister that there are more exports being made and perhaps more jobs for the future.
The fact is that we have hurt the textile industry. We have created unemployment. That is of concern at this particular time to ensure that the people of Canada get out working so that we get off this treadmill of unemployment and welfare payments. This treadmill has led us into this deficit and debt position that is of concern to Canadians. If we have our people working then we have happy Canadians and a healthy economy.

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