June 7, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Giuseppe (Joseph) Volpe


Mr. Volpe:

Mr. Speaker, you are perfectly right, as always. It is not my intention to refer to the absence or presence of members of any party in this House. It was important to mention in connection with today's debase, aside from any comments about where members happen to be, whether they are Conservatives, Liberals or New Democrats, that my party supports the general concept and underlying principles of this bill. However, there is a problem of which we keep reminding Canadians and that is the lack of an economic strategy addressing all the problems we face as Canadians today. I am referring to the lack of a strategy for creating jobs in industry and the lack of an industrial strategy that supports not just one but all sectors that provide Canadians with opportunities for decent, well-paying jobs, all in the national interest.

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