June 7, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Raymond John Skelly

New Democratic Party

Mr. Skelly (North Island-Powell River):

Mr. Speaker, I want to ask one more question. Another enormous difficulty that Joe Davey faces is that once he is put off on medical leave he winds up having to wait a year for it to go through the process. It is so slow. It is almost deliberately held up.
Of course the Public Service Alliance has dealt with this. It has looked at the human rights commission and a variety of other things. It feels he would actually be successful there, but it will take forever to do. In the meantime he has been seriously harmed. He has children and he has a family to take care of. Enormous damage is inflicted on them.

Government Orders
This is not a matter of disability insurance. This man has been told by his doctors and by specialists in the areas that he can go back to work. The positions that he is entitled to have by seniority and whatnot have been assigned to other people with less skill and less seniority than he has. It almost looks like this is a deliberate attempt to harm his health even further by having him digging in a ditch with a bad back and other problems.
He is entitled to work as a machine operator. Yet the employer has exerted tremendous discrimination. The terrible problem is the extended period of time that they are hung up.
I know the hon. member has worked very hard to try to make the system fair. Hopefully when we send the material over to the Minister of Labour he will take some time to have a look at this very important case as an example of what is happening in the Public Service and in the federal jurisdiction to employees who are under the purview of the minister.

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