June 4, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Bruce Halliday

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Bruce Halliday (Oxford):

Madam Speaker, this being National Access Awareness Week, in which you have shown special interest, I am pleased to rise today on behalf of the hon. member for Calgary West, as well as the members of the Standing Committee on Human Rights and the Status of Disabled Persons, to recognize the recipient of the 1993-94 Centennial Flame Research Award, Mr. Michael Ho of Calgary, who is visiting us in Ottawa today. This award is funded by the coins thrown into the Centennial flame fountain.
Mr. Ho, a lawyer who because of a head injury is no longer able to practise, has been active in organizations providing services to individuals with head injuries including the Head Injury Association of Alberta.
He is proposing to research the success stories of survivors of head injuries to serve as guiding lights for people dealing with this type of disability.
The main subject of his study will be Laurie Cormack, who not only experienced a head injury but has struggled with the trauma of being a battered wife.
It should also be recognized that Mr. Ho's contribution to Canada was acknowledged when he received the Canada 125 Award in 1992, as well as a personal testimonial from the Prime Minister which he received in 1989.

June 4. 1993

Congratulations are in order for Mr. Ho who is an inspiration to his fellow citizens.

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