June 2, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Margaret Anne Mitchell

New Democratic Party

Ms. Margaret Mitchell (Vancouver East):

I would like to congratulate the member on her very passionate speech on a very important subject. I would like to ask her, since I have a special interest as she knows in multiculturalism, to relate a little bit about multicultur-alism and Canadian culture generally.
We know that part of our culture and our ethics in Canada is to respect diversity. But it seems to me that regardless of which ethnic group or which language group or which region of Canada we come from, we still must have some kind of common bond which is Canada,
which is greater than the sum of all of us. It is very hard to describe what that is.
I wondered if she would like to make a stab at saying whether or not Canada has a distinct culture and what this might consist of. Also what can we be doing to more effectively promote a distinct Canadian culture?

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