June 2, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


John Harvard


Mr. John Harvard (Winnipeg-St. James):

Madam Speaker, the endless parade of patronage and sleaze continues.
We have seen the baby-sitter get an appointment. We have seen the barman get an appointment. We have seen the barber get an appointment. Even the barber's wife got a little gift from the Mulroney-Charest-Campbell cabinet.
Now we hear that former Tory MP Jim McGrath has received a plum patronage posting. McGrath has been given a three-year appointment to the National Transportation Agency.
The Canadian people are sick and tired of this kind of sleaze and nepotism. They are sick to death of the old ways of the Conservative Party.

Oral Questions
The Prime Minister may like to think that he is protecting the defence and environment ministers from the inevitable backlash. However that will not happen. These Order in Council appointments were made by the Governor in Council, meaning the cabinet.
The defence and environment ministers are part of that cabinet. They said yes to patronage for Toiy flacks, hacks and bagmen. However on election day Canadians will be saying a loud no to them.

Subtopic:   PATRONAGE
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