June 2, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Daniel James Macdonnell Heap

New Democratic Party

Mr. Dan Heap (THnity-Spadina):

Madam Speaker, today's edition of The Ottawa Citizen highlights the frustrations faced by Canadians with relatives still residing in their former countries such as Lebanon, Guyana, and India, to name a few.
Many of those relatives would like to visit Canada before the death of loved ones and not just for burial ceremonies. The government seems to assume that everyone applying to enter Canada from a country with civil unrest or poverty will stay illegally even when the applicant has a spouse, two children and a family business back home.
Canada is now home to over four million foreign-bom people, representing 16 per cent of the population. I call on the Minister of Employment and Immigration to review the duty of overseas officers in deciding to issue or not issue visitors' visas. Let us have fair and equal treatment.

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