June 2, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Douglas Fee

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Doug Fee (Red Deer):

Madam Speaker, today is the 40th anniversary of an historic event. On June 2, 1953 our sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II, was crowned Queen of Canada and took an oath to govern the peoples of Canada and her other realms according to their respective laws and customs. In response to this oath parliamentarians, new citizens and those entering into the Queen's service take a reciprocal oath of allegiance to Her Majesty.
Four days prior to her coronation the Queen issued a proclamation under the Canadian Royal Style and Titles Act officially adopting the title of Queen of Canada, thereby fulfilling the dreams of the Fathers of Confederation who often referred to Queen Victoria as the Queen of Canada.
I would like to quote two famous Canadians, one a Conservative and one a Liberal, who lived a century apart. Sir George-Etienne Cartier said that the monarchy was the essential element of the Constitution and Vincent Massey said: "The monarchy is essential to us. Without it as a bastion of Canadian nationality, Canadian purpose and Canadian independence we could not remain a sovereign state".
God save the Queen.

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