June 1, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Guy St-Julien

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Guy Saint-Julien (Abitibi):

Madam Speaker, my question is directed to the Minister of Communications.
Oral Questions
In the June 1993 issue of Justice League, the superhero starts his series of adventures in Quebec, more specifically in a toy warehouse in Montreal, and it is all very violent. A Quebec printing firm is responsible for printing and distributing the comic book in Quebec and Canada.
My question is this: Considering the comments by my colleague, the hon. member for Laval-Est, about this publication which is sold in Canada and printed in Quebec does the Minister of Communications, who is in favour of getting rid of violence on television, think we should let this kind of magazine be distributed in Canada and be available to our children? What steps does he intend to take to ban this comic book immediately?

Subtopic:   VIOLENCE
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