June 1, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Peter L. McCreath (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for International Trade)

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Peter L. McCreath (Parliamentary Secretary to Minister for International TVade):

Madam Speaker, at least my hon. friend from the NDP is asking a substantive question about something that affects Canadians. Unfortunately he is really stretching when he tries to tag this one to the free trade agreement.
The reality of the situation is that the trade tribunal is an independent body at arm's length from the government. Perhaps it is the suggestion of my hon. friend and his party that this government should interfere with the objective findings of independent bodies. Maybe he would like us to interfere with the courts as well. However that is not the process.
June 1, 1993

If any of the steel manufacturers negatively impacted by this decision wish to do so, thanks to the free trade agreement they may file for a panel under chapter 19 of the FTA.

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