June 1, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Hon. Chas. L. Caccia@Davenport

Madam Speaker, an important initiative is under way in Toronto by way of petitions to the Minister of National Health and Welfare to improve the Canada Pension Plan.
At present people are not eligible to receive Canada Pension Plan disability when there are major interruptions to CPP contributions. When people are on workers' compensation they cannot make contributions to their CPP and therefore this period should not be considered a contributory period by the Canada Pension Plan. Having been on workers' compensation should not disqualify a person from Canada Pension Plan disability if another tragedy strikes such as cancer or a heart attack.
The Canada Pension Plan should therefore be amended so that a period of non-contribution be considered a neutral period that would not affect the qualifying requirements for a disability pension. We commend the petitioners and bring it to the attention of the minister for prompt action.

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