June 1, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Lynn Hunter

New Democratic Party

Ms. Lynn Hunter (Saanich-Gulf Islands):

Madam Speaker, three years ago this month a unanimous call to action was sent by the environment committee to this government. Members from all parties reached one overpowering conclusion: Ozone depletion is a threat to the continuation of life on Earth.
Rising rates of skin cancer now show that the future health threat of ozone depletion is potentially devastating. Yet this government has not even taken simple steps such as exempting sunscreens and protective sunglasses from taxation and introducing mandatory standards for them both.

June 1, 1993
As for preventing further ozone depletion, even industry has urged the government to bring in stiff regulations against ozone depleting chemicals.
Research into the impacts and adaptation to UV radiation must be a priority considering that dangerous levels will damage everything from fish in the sea to crops in the field.
I call on this government to accept that action on its part is a necessity. Time is running out.

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