May 31, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Margaret Anne Mitchell

New Democratic Party

Ms. Margaret Mitchell (Vancouver East):

Madam Speaker, we join with all colleagues in the House in strongly condemning the racial violence that resulted from the Heritage Front event on Sunday evening. We ask the government to strengthen the Criminal Code to deter future hate related activities.
In the absence of the Prime Minister, my question is for the Minister of Multiculturalism. It concerns redress for Canada's racist legislation which imposed a head tax and an exclusion act on Chinese Canadians. Since elderly claimants after waiting nine years have totally rejected the government's redress offer and consider it an insult, particularly a pre-election medal to compensate lor years of suffering, will the minister meet with representatives of these elderly claimants and engage in good faith bargaining to find a fair compromise to truly redress the suffering of these elderly pioneers of which there are many?

Subtopic:   REDRESS
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