May 31, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Howard Douglas McCurdy

New Democratic Party

Mr. McCurdy:

Mr. Speaker, I do not know whether I can give the speech in a few seconds that I would give to a graduating class.
I can say however that what I would tell most students really has very little to do with my role as critic for post-secondary education or any of those other things. It would be to tell them, as I told them as a professor: Do what you are going to love doing best for the rest of your life. Understand that excellence in anything is best achieved if you love what you are doing. Success in anything is best achieved if measured in terms of doing something that you would enjoy doing.
On the other hand, I think it is important for young people to have the information available to them that allows them to make appropriate choices within the breadth of interest they may have. Some things have become increasingly clear. As a result of the absence of decent counselling and the absence of a system for providing advice to young people to make appropriate choices, too many of them are making inappropriate choices. Too many young people are choosing vocations for which there is no real market. It does not mean that they cannot do something in which they are interested. It is that they had better be very careful about choosing that part of what they are interested in doing that is more likely to be a marketable skill.

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