May 31, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Jean-Guy Hudon (Parliamentary Secretary to the President of the Privy Council)

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Hudon:

Mr. Speaker, I would like to see those Instructions, but if what the hon. member says is true, it reminds me of what I said earlier. We do not create jobs in this country for the sake of creating jobs but to put people to work. When businesses cut jobs, they do not realize, any more than governments do or even the average citizen, in many cases, that in this country jobs are primarily generated by the private sector not by the federal government. It is terribly easy to say we will cut all summer jobs for students. People tend to forget that these jobs are a guarantee for the future of our country, because these people are still in university.
I want to check the facts, but it is tempting, and it is easy. For instance, if they cut our budgets in the House of Commons, what do we do? First, we cut all part-time jobs and the surplus employees who are hired to help out here and there. That is what the department is doing, if the hon. member's information is correct. That is what the department is doing right now.

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