May 31, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Ian Gardiner Waddell

New Democratic Party

Mr. Ian Waddell (Port Moody-Coquitlam):

Mr. Speaker, I have a couple of comments. What Canadians are seeing is a perfect example of what I think is a fairly corrupt political system. The small craft harbour system seems to be expensive as the hon. member just said. It works this way: We give them the government contract and they give us the votes.
It is an old form of political patronage which should not exist in this country. As a matter of fact I believe even further, after hearing this debate, that we need to reform our political system. We have a 19th century system where the people on the east coast have too many seats in Parliament and the people in the west have too few. We should have representation by population. Therefore we would have more members from western Canada, the new growing areas of Canada that have real problems, and would get rid of the silly patronage system of small craft harbours.
The maritime provinces should unite into one province. Then the federal government should give them power over things like small craft harbours. We could take the whole matter out of the House and could get rid of a patronage system. Or they could have the patronage in their own backyard and not use the money of my constituents to do it.

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