May 14, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Gregory Francis Thompson

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Thompson:

The member across the Chamber just mentioned the premier of New Brunswick. I do not disagree completely with that, because he has worked well with our government. We are in this thing together. Whatever benefits New Brunswick benefits all of us. I guess if he is suggesting that it is low, and it is, we have had something to do with it and I agree with that as well.
I want to reference that in relation to our last speaker, the member for St. Catharines and what is happening in Ontario. The figure I want to quote from New Brunswick, which is accurate, is today we have an unemployment rate in New Brunswick of approximately 11.3 per cent.
Going back 12 years ago or so, the unemployment rate in New Brunswick during the last recession-I should say the recession before the last because I am suggesting we are out of this one-was approximately 16 per cent. In other words we have come out of this one about 5 per cent better. However we see the opposite happening in other provinces, for example the province of Ontario.
Historically New Brunswick's rate of unemployment has always been higher than that in the rest of Canada and always a lot higher than in Ontario. I want the member to comment on that in relation to the provincial government in Ontario today, what he sees happening and how that government could better work with us to improve that number.

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