May 14, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Thomas Hockin (Minister for Science; Minister of State (Small Businesses and Tourism))

Progressive Conservative

Hon. Tom Hockin (Minister for Science and Minister of State (Small Businesses and Tourism)):

Madam Speaker, it is quite appropriate for people to come to Parliament Hill to talk about the unemployment rate in their regions. I quite understand that.
However, those who believe in the government's policies should put props on the lawn as well. These would be cradles of the new businesses bom and created in the last nine years under this government.
As a matter of fact we had a net business creation in the small business sector of over 150,000 a year from 1986 to 1990. Even during the recession we have had net job creation and small business creation. Those cradles should be out there too because small business is creating 82 per cent of all new jobs in this country.
Also with the cradles, as I have said, should be those barriers against Canadian exports, against Canadian jobs that we have removed. Those barriers existed in the United States and we hope to remove them in Mexico.

Subtopic:   THE ECONOMY
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