May 7, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Gabrielle Bertrand

Progressive Conservative

Mrs. Gabrielle Bertrand (Brome-Missisquoi):

Madam Speaker, the media's mandate is to inform Canadians every day, even every hour. Reporters on Parliament Hill, editorialists and political analysts scrutinize what the people's elected representatives do.
Even though these elected people, of which I am one, sometimes find their criticism unfair and severe, the fact remains that the credibility of some of these journalists is well established.
This morning, two of them agree and believe it their duty to do justice to the Prime Minister of Canada who is now touring the great capitals of the world.
Besides Michel Vastel, Lise Bissonnette puts the debate in its proper perspective. She recalls that the Liberal Party, which is making a big fuss over this farewell tour by the Prime Minister, has a very short memory. Indeed, who does not remember "the pretentious peace initiative of their well-loved former leader, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, which failed and is still laughed about in foreign ministries".

May 7, 1993
Oral Questions
Ms. Bissonnette continues: "The tradition in Canadian politics, inherited from the great former Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson-"

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