May 3, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Robert Alfred Corbett

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Bob Corbett (Fundy-Royal):

Mr. Speaker, I was pleased to note recently that the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council has forecast the strongest economic growth in the Atlantic region for the province of New Brunswick.
According to APEC, New Brunswick has regained all of the 12,000 jobs it lost during the recession and is looking healthy in recovery. The labour force is expanding again as new companies begin to open new businesses throughout the province.
The unemployment rate has declined to within one percentage point of the national average. The fixed link and federal funds for road building will help fuel the pace of economic growth in New Brunswick.
May 3, 1993

In spite of this rosy forecast APEC did point to the provincial deficit as a problem area. This underscores the need for all governments to work together to control deficits and debts.

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