April 28, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Robert Alfred Corbett

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Bob Corbett (Fundy-Royal):

Mr. Speaker, in the budget that was presented by the Minister of Finance on Monday there were provisions for the privatization of a number of Crown corporations and other bodies. Among these was a commitment to study the feasibility of privatizing Transport Canada's helicopter operations.
Transport Canada operates a fleet of 44 helicopters whose chief responsibilities are navigational aid calibration, resupply operations, aviation inspector training, ice reconnaissance and pollution control.
Many of these responsibilities of Transport Canada's helicopter fleet are critical to save marine operations off the coastlines of Canada, including the Bay of Fundy which is partially in my riding of Fundy-Royal.
I would urge the Minister of Transport and the Minister of Finance to ensure that fiscal responsibility does not take precedence over the safety of mariners because no price is too great when human lives are at risk.

Subtopic:   THE BUDGET
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