March 22, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Maurice Adrian Dionne


Mr. Maurice A. Dionne (Miramichi):

Mr. Speaker, I will probably find this somewhat difficult to express, but I must speak on this issue. It is a moral issue as far as I am concerned. It is not just an ordinary situation.
I suspect that most of us in this House have at one time or another had a loved one who suffered seriously in his or her dying weeks or months. That is very difficult to accept and it is very difficult to forget.
However, we were given no guarantees when we were bom, when we were conceived. We were not told that we were going to be happy all our lives or that we would suffer no pain. It seems to me that if we deviate from what I have studied and what I have learned with regard to life and its sanctity, then I cannot vote for a motion that would take a human life. To do so, to me, would be murder. To do so, to me, would be a betrayal of all of the things I have tried to stand for in my personal and public
lives. Therefore, if this motion comes before the House for a vote, I will naturally be voting against it.

Subtopic:   EUTHANASIA
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