March 12, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Douglas Fee

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Doug Fee (Red Deer):

Mr. Speaker, I do not think that I will need two minutes. The hon. member for Okanagan-Similkameen-Merritt asked me for an indication as to whether or not I was going to support his motion. He knows very well that I have relatives who live in his riding. Unfortunately one of them voted for him which shows a little bad judgment on her part.
I do think this member has shown a little bit of good judgment in this motion and I have no trouble at all in supporting it. The principle in it is real. The government should be supporting small business because, as the previous speaker indicated, small business is the heart of our economy. It is what makes this country go.
While I have the floor I also want to indicate that the Chamber of Commerce in my riding of Red Deer has connected into a computerized program of electronic bulletin boards. It is making information available to its members. Its members in Red Deer have had access to three times as many government contracts during the past year as they have had in the past two years. It is working. The contracts are available to small business.
I am not sure what the hon. member is intending with this motion but it is certainly not going to hurt us to discuss it a little further and to encourage it. It is a good objective and I definitely support it and will be indicating so later.

March 12, 1993
Private Members' Business

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