February 19, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Peter L. McCreath (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of State (Finance and Privatization))

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Peter L. McCreath (South Shore):

Madam Speaker, is there no limit to the ingenuity of Canada Post to find ways to infuriate the Canadian public and to induce phone calls to the offices of members of Parliament?
Canada Post says that if a letter is delivered to you in error it is now your responsibility to place it in a new envelope, readdress it, put a new stamp on it and put it back in the mail.
It is nonsense. It is an outrage with which Canadians will simply not put up, nor should they. This measure will not result in Canada Post getting its revenues in order. It will simply result in a lot of mail being thrown out that should be delivered.
I call on Canada Post to immediately remove this silly directive.

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