February 19, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Edna Anderson

Progressive Conservative

Mrs. Edna Anderson (Simcoe Centre):

Madam Speaker, over the past few years we have watched socialist governments around the world flounder, fail and fall as the people living under these antiquated regimes struggle to survive. All these are the results of decades of socialist ideology.
However, here in Canada we were treated by the federal NDP leader to a litany of socialist ideas outlined in yet another five-year plan for economic ruin.
In Canada we watch the NDP Ontario government and the NDP B.C. government struggling to keep their heads above water by blaming their mismanagement on the federal government, but the simple truth is that socialism does not work. Do not take my word for it; check the annals of history where there is ample proof.

Subtopic:   SOCIALISM
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