February 19, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Bruce Halliday

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Bruce Halliday (Oxford):

Madam Speaker, I want to say a word this morning about the issue of world population and the failure of the UNCED meeting in Rio last June to address the appropriate issues there.
On December 30, 1992 Anita Gordon, media advisor to Maurice Strong, Secretary-General at the UNCED meeting in Rio who by the way is a Canadian, and co-author of the book It's a Matter of Human Survival, in discussing the failure of the earth summit at UNCED and referring to Agenda 21, the agenda for that meeting, said:
In fact, if you examine Agenda 21 carefully, you'll see that what it does is talk about our symptoms. It does not talk about our basic problem'. It talks about water quality. It talks about deforestation. It talks about loss of species. It does not deal with the fundamental problem, the thing that is sort of setting everything on fire on this planet, and that's the human species.
It does not talk about how we ourselves are expanding on the planet. It doesn't talk about overpopulation and it doesn't- certainly not -talk about overconsumption, which is the problem in the West. And, because it doesn't deal with those two basic fundamental things, it really does not attack the root of the problem.
What we need is more foreign aid directed toward education and health care.

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