February 17, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Donald Frank Mazankowski (Deputy Prime Minister; Minister of Finance; Vice-President)

Progressive Conservative

Hon. Don Mazankowski (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance):

Mr. Speaker, if the hon. member wants to quote from the C.D. Howe report, I can do that too.
Ed Neufeld said: "I was listening to the year-end speech of one of our political leaders," and that happened to be the Leader of the Opposition. "Very gently, he was saying: 'Let's just accept more inflation'. 'Accept more inflation'-there are a lot of people who are-ready to hear that message". As a matter of fact, he wants to abandon Canadian monetary policy. He wants the Americans to run our monetary policy.
I ask the hon. member where has he been on the 12 or 13 bills that we have brought in to contain expenditures? He has voted with his party against every single solitary measure.
It is rather interesting that the Leader of the Opposition did not raise this question. When he was in charge of the cash register as President of the Treasury Board, he increased program spending at the rate of 16 per cent per year.

Subtopic:   PUBLIC DEBT
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