February 17, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Michael Holcombe Wilson (Minister for International Trade; Minister of Industry, Science and Technology)

Progressive Conservative

Hon. Michael Wilson (Minister of Industry, Science and Technology and Minister for International Trade):

Mr. Speaker, the next time my friend, the Secretary of Trade from Mexico, comes to Canada I am going to ask my friend to join us. The hon. member has just taken what was said totally out of context. What we did do yesterday was visit Canadair Challenger operations, SR Telecom and the AMF operation which re-manufactures rail cars and diesel engines.
In each case these companies are actively selling successfully into Mexico, generating jobs back here, generating work for people who are paid Canadian salaries and able to compete against what my hon. friend refers to as low salaries in Mexico.
The point of the matter is that my friend should get his facts straight and should put out a balanced position as to what the attitudes and policies of the Mexican government are. I think we were very successful yesterday in helping create jobs for Canadians in Mexico who will take advantage of the North American free trade agreement.

February 17, 1993
Oral Questions

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