February 2, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Beryl Gaffney


Mrs. Beryl Gaffney (Nepean):

Mr. Speaker, I am very pleased to have the opportunity to speak to the motion of my colleague, the hon. member for Ottawa South, on Bill C-281, an act relating to indoor air quality.
The quality of the air we breath is essential for good health. 1 think that is a very basic statement and one with which we are all very familiar.
North Americans spend over 90 per cent of their time indoors. Here in Canada this is as high as 98 per cent, given the climate. I was alarmed to read of a study by the Ontario environment industry which states that Canadians breath more toxic chemicals in their homes, offices and cars than they do from the worst urban pollution outdoors.
Obviously something needs to be done to rectify this situation. Checks need to be set in place to ensure that the quality of indoor air is clean and safe.
In other words, this bill is long overdue. As a member of Parliament for a local riding, Nepean, many of my constituents work for the federal Public Service. My colleague has mentioned that many federal buildings across the country have contaminants seeping into the space in which the employees are working.
I would like to specifically zero in on one building in the Ottawa area-
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