September 9, 1992 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


William C. Scott (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Veterans Affairs)

Progressive Conservative

Mr. William Scott (Parliamentary Secretary to Minister of Veterans Affairs):

Mr. Speaker, I feel privileged to rise today to pay tribute to a fine gentleman who served this Parliament and this country well for over 40 years.
September 9, 1992

The Hon. George Mcllraith was first elected to the House of Commons in 1940 and had already established an illustrious reputation as government House leader when I came here in 1965.
He had begun his career as parliamentary secretary to the Hon. C. D. Howe during the difficult times of the Second World War.
George Mcllraith served many prime ministers. Over the 32 years he was in the House of Commons, he was sworn to the Privy Council by the Right Hon. Lester Pearson in 1963 and held several portfolios before he was summoned to the Senate in 1972. His retirement from the Senate in 1983 marked the end of 43 years of active service to the country he loved so dearly.
I served in the House of Commons with the hon. gentleman for seven years and we sat in different chambers for another eleven years after that. My memories of George Mcllraith will be of a true gentleman who always acted in a very straightforward manner. He was an excellent worker for his constituents and a credit to the Parliament that he so loved.
To his family and friends I express my condolences. To Parliament I extend hope that his memory will be an inspiration to us all in our efforts to make this a more productive and civil place to carry on the business of our nation.

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