June 10, 1992 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Peter Andrew Stewart Milliken (Liberal Party Deputy House Leader)


Mr. MiUiken:

Mr. Speaker, your smile indicates that you can guess why I am on my feet today.
I filed a request for the production of documents in respect of the establishment of a military supply depot in Montreal, a decision made by the Minister of National Defence in either late March or early April of this year contrary to the earlier study that was done for the department, at some considerable cost I may say, which recommended another site that just happened to be in my own riding.
There has been a subsequent study, I assume, done to justify this decision. My motion for the production of papers merely requests that that be produced.
I am certain that under the Access to Information Act it is a producible document. This is a request for the document in this House. I would hope that if the parliamentary secretary can locate the Minister of National Defence-I know that he is not often in Ottawa- perhaps the document could be turned up and produced before we adjourn for the summer.
The second motion I have on the Order Paper has been there since May 6.1 raised it with the parliamentary secretary a couple of weeks ago and he said he would look into it. It deals with the expense accounts of persons who travelled with the Prime Minister on a trip to Calgary in April 1991.
This is not new information. It has been requested under the Access to Information Act. Heavily censored versions were released. We are asking for the facts. Surely this House is entitled to them.
If the parliamentary secretary has any reluctance in this regard, perhaps we could instead of transferring it for debate, where he knows it will get buried and never get called, just bring it to a vote immediately and have the question decided in the House. I suspect a lot of his own members would like to see these expense accounts too.

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