June 9, 1992 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Dennis Joseph Mills


Mr. Dennis Mills (Broadview-Greenwood):

Mr. Speaker, I listened to the member for Don Valley North. I agreed with a lot of what she said in her speech and I support the attempt to try and simplify the system.
I am having great difficulty with this $500 a year added credit for those people who are in the work force. I will tell the member for Mississauga South why I am having this difficulty.

June 9, 1992
Government Orders
I have in my riding 25 per cent who are single parents and most of those people are women. A lot of them are working and a lot of them are not. Last week I had a number of them say to me that $500 or $10 a week is not really that great an incentive to move them off the welfare rolls and into the work force.
The problem is there is no incentive to stay in the work force because $10 a week does not really cover their drug problem if they have a child or two. In other words, when you are on welfare all of those costs are covered.
My question to the member is whether she really believes that $500 is a sufficient enough credit. Does she not think maybe we should do something that is a little bit more dramatic in terms of providing incentive to move people from the welfare rolls into the work force where they can not only regain their dignity and become retrained? Under the current system they are almost entrapped in poverty and I am not sure this is enough.

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