June 9, 1992 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


John (Jack) Henry Horner

Mr. Garth Hirner (Halton-Peel):

Mr. Speaker, in many of the town hall meetings and other public meetings I have had in my riding my constituents consistently over the last couple of years have been asking me: "Can the government please take an initial step to end universality of social programs?" People have said that it makes little sense to them that the government provides social programs or provides cheques to families only to turn around and tax it back.
It seems in a common sense mode for a lot of people in my riding that the government should change this. Yet the Government of Canada has been on record as saying that social programs or universality has been a sacred trust.

I am wondering if the member can address that. Does she see this move in this new program to a more common sense attitude toward social programs, in other words a targeting of precious government resources to those who need them and perhaps an end to this concept that we must be all things to all people?

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