March 6, 1914 (12th Parliament, 3rd Session)


George Ewan McCraney



Last year the Minister of the Interior was not able to take charge of the Bill, for reasons which we all regretted, and it was in the hands of the Minister of Labour, who was acting Minister of the Interior. When the Bill came before the House, I urged that if the scrip were worth $500 up to the 31st of October, it should be worth that amount after the 31st of October, and I asked the acting minister that he should name a day, subsequent to the date on which the scrip might be located, for the redemption in money. The acting minister said that the 31st of October was the last day for the redemption in money, and he would not consider the suggestion I made, but which evidently has impressed itself upon the mind of the minister (Mr. Roche): that there should be extension of time given for the payment of the money. What reasons

have impressed themselves upon the present minister, to have additional legislation this year, which did not occur to tne acting minister last year?
Resolution reported, read the first and the second time, and agreed to.
Mr. ROCHE thereupon moved for leave to introduce Bill No. 98, to amend the Volunteer Bounty Act, 1908, and Acts amending the same.

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