March 5, 1914 (12th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Edmund William Tobin



He had one of his friends to place. This is what he gave in the House on March 21, 1912, in answer to my questions:
Mr. Ma ntel: A charge has been made against Mr. Desmarais by the Conservative candidate, Mr. D. Hayes, and acting upon that charge we gave Mr. Desmarais the notice that has been read. Since then Mr. Desmarais has left for Montreal and I have not heard of him since. We have been informed that he is working for a firm in Montreal and we have made no inquiry and decided on no dismissal.
Now, Mr. Desmarais had not left for Montreal ; but seeing that he had got this letter from the deputy minister and having a large family, he was trying to get another position because he knew what his fate would be if he had to pass through the hands of this particular organizer, Mr. Shurtliff who is employed the year round investigating charges made against Liberals. According to the return, Mr. Demarais resigned; yet my hon. friend the minister told us a few minutes ago that he had dismissed him.

Topic:   SUPPLY.
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