March 5, 1914 (12th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Edmund William Tobin



I brought up this question of dismissal on March 21, 1912. The minister knows very well that Mr. Desmarais did not refuse to do his duty and he cannot produce any proof that Mr. Desmarais refused to do his duty. The Conservative candidate who was defeated in 1911 wanted to place one of his friends, Mr. Lemire, in this position and the deputy minister at that time wrote to Mr. Desmarais on January 18, 1912, as follows:
A. Desmarais, Esq.,
Temporary Assistant Inspector of Weights and Measures,
Bromptonville, Que.
Dear Sir,-I am directed by the hon. Minister of Inland Revenue to advise you that a charge has been brought against you of having, during the last federal election, acted as a political partisan.
You are therefore in consequence of this charge called upon to tender your resigantlon or show cause why your services should not be dispensed with.
I remain, sir,
Your obedient servant,
W. J. Gerald, Deputy Minister.
Mr. Desmarais wrote and said he had not interfered in elections, but he was forced to undergo an investigation. The minister told me that himself. They have a Conservative organizer in the eastern township who has been made commissioner to investigate all these charges. You can

imagine what kind of a trial a good Liberal would receive. The minister promised' me personally in this House that he would show me letters he had received making charges agains Mr. Desmarais. I went to the minister's office and he would not show them to me.

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