March 4, 1914 (12th Parliament, 3rd Session)




1. Is the F. P. Gutelius who signed the report of the commissioners to investigate matters connected with the construction of the National Transcontinental railway the same man who is now and has been for the past year general manager of the Intercolonial railway? If so, when was he appointed on the said commission, when did he enter upon his duties or work as such commissioner, at what salary and at what date did his pay begin to run?
2. When did he cease to act as such commissioner, up to what date was he paid as such, and on what date did He sign the said report?
3. In whose employ was the said F. P. Gutelius at the time of his appointment as such commissioner, or if not then employed by any person or corporation, or otherwise, what was his last employment preceding his engagement and employment as such commissioner, by whom was he employed, in what capacity and at what 33.lo.ry ?
4. When did the said F. P. Gutelius first come to Canada to engage in any work, in whose employ was he at that time, how long did he remain in said employment and at what salary?
5. What was his citizenship at that date, and was he then an American citizen? If so, how long did he so remain?
8. Has he ever changed his citizenship? If so, at what date, and has he ever been naturalized as a Canadian or British subject? If so, on what date and where?
7. Is the said F. P. Gutelius a British subject? If so, how long has he been such?
8. Was the said F. P. Gutelius an employee of the Government as general manager of the Intercolonial railway at the time he signed the report referred to, what salary was he then in receipt of from the Government of Canada, and for how long is his term of engagement as such general manager?
9. At what place was the said report signed by him, and if at Ottawa, for how long had he been continuously in Ottawa previous to his placing his signature to said report?

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