February 12, 1914 (12th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Roch Lanctôt


Mr. LANCTOT (Translation):

Mr. Chairman, I wish to ask the honourable Minister (Mr. Perley) what the Government intends to do abut refunding to the shareholders of the Farmers' Bank their money? Last year I asked the honourable Prime Minister the same question, that is, I asked him whether he intended to bring down a measure whatever to the effect of refunding the amounts deposited at the Farmers' Bank, mentioning at the same time, the people who had deposited money at the Banque de Saint Jean.
I wish that the honourable Minister, when he speaks to the Prime Minister about this, should also submit to him the case of the Banque de Saint Jean and of the Banque Ville Marie.
May I add that I would see with pleasure everybody indemnified for the losses he has suffered?

Topic:   SUPPLY.
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