February 9, 1914 (12th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Alexander Kenneth Maclean



I am advised by a person resident in the county of Victoria, Nova Scotia, where a provincial election is now being held, that is, the election which was referred to last week in connection with the customs boat Alert, that persons supporting the Conservative candidate in that election are publicly saying that the Supplementary Estimates contain specific votes for expenditures in specific localities in the county of Victoria. I desire to ask the Minister of Public Works if there is any authority for such statements or if any person is authorized to make a statement to that effect and if such statements

have any foundation in fact. The minister will remember the occurence of a similar matter about a year ago in connection with a provincial election in the county of Antigonish, and I think the Minister of Public Works stated' in Parliament that he deprecated such conduct on the part of any person. Has anybody been authorized to make a statement of this kind, and have advance copies of the Supplementary Estimates been issued from his department and information contained in them placed in the possession of any person?

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