January 27, 1914 (12th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Louis-Philippe Pelletier (Postmaster General)

Conservative (1867-1942)


They were rather bearish when in power, but now they are not bears but have become brills. The hon. member for Rouville told us that the Georgian Bay canal was not started at once because, forsooth, the southern part of Ontario was opposed to the wishes of the northern part of Ontario, and also to the wishes of part of the province of Quebec in this respect. Well, Sir, this should not stand in the way. If this work is a good work, one which is in the general interest of Canada, the fact that one section of the country would not like it would not stop this Government from completing it. The question whether this is a work in the general interest of Canada is the only one that would be considered. Sir, this is a work of great magnitude. We are told by men who know something about it that this enterprise, which has been looked into from an engineering point of view, ought to be looked into now from a commercial and a financial point of view before we embark upon any such large expenditure. Some people say that in a commercial and business way the canal cannot be made a success; others 14
say it will be a success. Under the Circumstances, the Government have come to the conclusion to adopt the only logical and practical course that it could adopt, and that is to have this question carefully looked into and a report made by thoroughly qualified men.

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