May 12, 1989 (34th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Dawn Black

New Democratic Party

Ms. Dawn Black (New Westminster-Burnaby):

Mr. Speaker, my question is for the Deputy Prime Minister or the Minister who is responding today on behalf of employment and immigration. A woman in British Columbia, Rose Marie Roux, had left her job to move to B.C. to be with her fiance. She applied for unemployment insurance benefits and received a very inappropriate letter from the Canada Employment Centre.
To quote from the letter, it said: "Are you living common-law with your fiance? How long have you been living together? Have you set a date for your wedding? When was this date established? What is the date? Are there any children involved?"
I would like to ask the Government, how can it justify such a blatant invasion of a person's privacy?

Subtopic:   EMPLOYMENT
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